Thursday, 24 March 2016

Children's Book Review: Where's Larry This Time? by Philip Barrett

The sequel to Where's Larry? from illustrator and comic artist Philip Barrett, Where's Larry This Time? continues the fun and mayhem of these exciting activity books. Colourist Ken Mahon once again adds his lively colour palette into the fray. When we first received this book, to be honest we found the picture of Larry on the front cover mildly unsettling (see below -  seriously), but after reading we're happy to report this to be a classic case of 'don't judge a book by it's cover'.... 

The Book Blurb reads:
Larry the Leprechaun and his family are travelling around Ireland visiting some exciting places - Leprechauns go on holidays too you know! 

Follow Larry on his adventures and see if you can find him in Belfast, the Skelligs or viking Dublin. But it won’t be easy, Leprechauns are tiny and you will have to look very hard if you want to find him among crowds of Irish dancers, traditional musicians, hikers, tourists, hurlers and animals!

An Irish reimagining of the infamous Where's Wally? series, hours of fun are hiding in the pages of Where's Larry This Time? The first two pages are an index of over 20 things to look for in each scene, colour co-ordinated into four different tiers of difficulty ranging from Green (the easiest items) to Gold (experienced hunters only). We love that the author has woven the different levels into the book, as it means if you have children of different ages they can all get something from this book making it fantastic value for money. Even adults would find the harder levels a challenge!

Each double page has a calamity filled scene full of hundreds of people and with countless funny situations to discover. A famous location in Ireland is features on each page from Cobh Harbour in Cork to the Titanic Museum in Belfast and the National Museum in Dublin. Larry the Leprechaun also tells you a couple of funny facts about each location before you begin your search. 

Coming into Summer, with months of time to fill, this is a book that will provide hours upon hours of entertainment - and not just for the children in the family! 

Where's Larry This Time? is suitable for everyone aged six and up and is available in bookstores across Ireland now for €9.99. Published by The O'Brien Press, you can find out more about the book on their website here.
Thank you to the O'Brien Press for sending us this book to review!

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