Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Children's Book Review: One Good Turn by Brian Gallagher

The most fabulous time of the year is upon us again! World Book Day fell on the 3rd March this year and children across Ireland have been gifted a €1.50 voucher which they can exchange for a limited edition World Book Day book, or use for money off a regular book purchase. 

There are some excellent choices for the free books this year including; Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell, The Great Mouse Plot by Roald Dahl and Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space by Cavan Scott. To see the full list of books available visit the World Book Day website. 

In Ireland, we're extra spoilt, as we always get our own special World Book Day addition to choose from and this year One Good Turn by Brian Gallagher steps up to the plate. 

The book blurb reads:
Gerry Quinn knows what it’s like to be hungry and poor. So when looting breaks out during the 1916 Rising, he doesn’t hesitate to join in.
Months later Gerry and his friends Emer and Jack piece together their lives in the aftermath of the Easter Rebellion. But just when Gerry’s luck appears to be picking up, disaster strikes: his crime is about to be revealed.
Desperate to avoid being sent to a brutal reformatory school, Gerry turns to Emer and Jack for help.  But his friends have their own secret to keep from the Rising, and helping Gerry is fraught with danger. 
Does one good turn always deserve another? And if it does, how much must a friend risk to pay back a debt?

One Good Turn is a follow on to the hugely popular book Friend or Foe, set during the Easter Rising. If you have read Friend or Foe then the characters of Gerry, Emer and Jack will all be familiar to you, but if you haven't, don't worry as this won't hinder your enjoyment of One Good Turn

Brian Gallagher excels at giving you real compassion and understanding for the characters in a very short time. The three friends on whom the story focuses, Gerry, Emer and Jack all have their own opinions and alliances when it comes to The Rising and what is right for Dublin. Learning about their individual experiences really gives depth to the story and helps give a greater understanding of what life was like for the people of Dublin during this tumultuous time in Ireland's history. 

One Good Turn is a timely and fitting book, sure to ignite a greater interest in our nation's history with younger readers. 

For more information on World Book Day Ireland click here. One Good Turn is best suited to ages 10+ and is available in all participating World Book Day stores now! 

Thank you to the O'Brien Press for sending us this book to review.

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