Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Children's Book Review: Let's See Ireland by Sarah Bowie

Let's See Ireland is written and illustrated by Sarah Bowie, an illustrator, author and cartoonist who lives in Dublin. An established name in the comic scene, this is her first foray into children's picture books. 

The book blurb reads:
Molly, her parents and her cat Mipsy tour Ireland and see all the main sights! Meet the animals in Dublin Zoo, skip across the Giant's Causeway, peer over the Cliffs of Moher and much, much more! 

Let's See Ireland follows Molly and her parents as they travel around Ireland on a fantastic holiday. Understandably, Molly tells her cat Mitsy that she has to stay home - but if you keep an eye out on each page it becomes apparent that she may not have listened!
The first page of the book is a map of all the places Molly will visit, which we just love. Children will want to flip back to the map at each new location to see where Molly is now and we think it's a fantastic learning aid.
Each page brings a vibrant new double page illustration of  a tourist destination and each has extra little elements of intrigue to engage younger readers. Being from Wexford, we were particularly enamored with the visit to Ireland's Oldest Lighthouse, Hook Head. 
The book itself is a lovely sturdy hardback and is visually very pleasing. Molly visits beautiful locations the length and breadth of Ireland so hopefully most children will have been to at least one of the locations mentioned in the book or will be able to plan a visit having read the book. 
Through this book children will learn elements of Geography, English, Wildlife and History as they are swept along in the story. It's one you could return to time and time again and still find something new in the illustrations to enjoy.

Let's See Ireland is suitable for young solo readers and for bedtime stories. The book will be released on the 7th March 2016 and it is published by The O'Brien Press, you can find out more about the book on their website here.

To see more of Sarah's beautiful work visit her website www.sarahbowie.com If you enjoyed reading Nicola Colton's A Dublin Fairytale, then Let's See Ireland  will be a treasured addition to your collection.

Thank you to the O'Brien Press for sending us this book to review!

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