Saturday, 16 January 2016

Children's Book Review: Meet the Fairies in My Back Yard by Dolores Keaveney

Meet the Fairies in My Back Yard is a vibrant children's book, written and illustrated by Westmeath artist Dolores Keaveney. A painter for forty years, Dolores finds inspiration in her garden at summer time and has hand painted  all of the illustrations for her nine published books. 

The book blurb reads:
Meet the Fairies in My Back Yard educates young readers on the many types of plants and flowers in their garden, as well as the beautiful fairy folk who live amongst their leaves.

Written in clear rhyming language, this book is akin to a poetic encyclopedia of the various fairies that live in the authors garden. From Marr the Butterfly Fairy who lives amongst the daisies to Lu the Artistic Fairy who dances on the foxgloves. Each page introduces you to a new fairy with her own individual traits and special habitat in the garden. 

Without doubt the first thing that you will notice upon opening this book is the radiating vibrancy of the colour captured on each page, from vivid scarlet to electric cyan - this book is a visual feast and the use of colour makes for a captivating children's book. 

If your child is in anyway interested in fairies then this book will fan the flames of their imagination and delight their curiosity. We imagine that this would be a lovely book to bring on a nature walk to find the homes of the different fairies in vegetable patches and rose gardens. 

Meet the Fairies in My Back Yard is best suited for young children reading with a parent or young solo readers. It is published by DeeB Press and can be purchased now for €9.99 from for additional stockists and information visit:
Thank you to DBee Press for sending us this book to review :-)

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