Thursday, 18 June 2015

Children's Book Review - Only Eva by Judi Curtin

From best selling author Judi Curtin comes her fifth book in the smash-hit Eva series, Only Eva. A powerhouse in storytelling for young girls, Judi garnered a cult following with her Megan and Alice series. 

The Book Blurb reads:

Eva Gordon doesn't like mysteries – so when new girl Aretta hurries away after school every
day Eva's determined to find out why. And Aretta's not the only person Eva's interested in – her friend's granny has been parted from her beloved dog, so Eva decides to cheer her up. But can she?

Eva finds that some things are too big and complicated for one girl to deal with on her own ... but she has a talent for bringing people together, and together people can do almost anything!

This is a charming story which sees our protagonist, Eva, attempt to solve two very different sets of problems. The two latest recipients of her meddling affection are the new girl at school, Aretta, and the Granny of her best friend Ella. 

What this book does really well, is manage to lightheartedly inform and educate the reader about two very different social issues - immigrants living in direct provision and the feelings of irrelevance that can arise in older age. We can't help but feel that any younger person reading Only Eva would come away with greater compassion for the society around them. The beauty of this book, is that it isn't preachy or obviously trying to impart wisdom, it is in fact a very lighthearted and fun read, yet as the reader progresses through the story, they learn alongside Eva. 

The protagonist, Eva, is undoubtedly a busybody but her heart is always in the right place. By nature, most people tend to be quite nosy so the fact that Eva regularly acts upon her nosy instincts makes her a really fun character to follow as she navigates her way through the problems around her. She remains very relatable as a character due to the fact that she doesn't look for praise for her good deeds, in fact she tends to get embarrassed and shy away from it. 

Only Eva is a lovely book and we hope this series continues to grow and flourish. 

Only Eva is best suited for readers aged 9-12 years. It is published by The O'Brien Press and can be purchased now for €8.99 in all good bookshops. To find out more visit the O'Brien Press website here.

For more information on Judi Curtin's work visit:

Thank you to the O'Brien Press for sending us this book to review :-)

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