Sunday, 30 August 2015

Children's Book Review: Brian and the Giant by Chris Judge and Mark Wickham

Brian and the Giant is the hotly anticipated follow up to the award nominated debut by dynamic duo Chris Judge and Mark Wickham, Brian and the Vikings. The story tells of another adventure by a rambunctious young Brian Boru who would grow up to become High King of Ireland. 
The Book Blurb reads:
One night, the river beside the village mysteriously runs dry. It has done so every 100 years, since anyone can remember.
Brian and his gang go to discover what's causing the stoppage. Their journey takes them through some very strange and stinky places, never before seen territories, till they reach a giant dam which looks like a huge bath tub.
A giant is taking his 100 year bath, hence the stench. Brian invents a temporary water diverter that part-stops the flow of the river to create a Giant Shower at the Giant's causeway.

Brian and the Giant is a book that perfectly combines strong storytelling with exciting illustration to create a story that will engage from start to finish. The protagonist, Brian, is a smart young boy with a nose for adventure. He has a tendency to dive straight into situations a trait which is sure to excite any boisterous young readers! 
The illustrations have a very graphic feel and an almost comic book style, with lots of details that really complement the story. Children will want to linger on each page to take in all of the colourful, fun mayhem!  
We absolutely recommend this book, it should appeal to a broad range of children and may even convert a few reluctant readers. 

Brian and the Giant is best suited for young children reading with a parent or young solo readers aged 5-8 years. It is published by The O'Brien Press and can be purchased now for €8.99 in all good bookshops. To find out more visit the O'Brien Press website here. 
Thank you to the O'Brien Press for sending us this book to review :-)

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