Sunday, 15 March 2015

Children's Book Review: The Fairytale Trap by Erika McGann

World Book Day has come and gone for another year, but National Book Tokens are still valid at participating bookstores until 29th March so be sure to use them in the next two weeks! There are a multitude of exceptional books available for free in exchange for a token, one such book is The Fairytale Trap by Erika McGann published by the O'Brien Press. 

The book blurb reads:
Who's afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf ...? When Grace and her witch apprentice friends sign up for the school pantomime they get much more than they bargained for. A mysterious enchanted object turns the entire school into a real medieval village, with a real Red Riding Hood, a real grandmother and a very real big, bad wolf. Stranded without their magical powers, the girls must use their wits and courage to find the source of the spell and stop it before they become trapped in the fairytale forever ...

The story begins with three of the girls, Una, Rachel and Grace preparing for roles in the school play, Little Red Riding Hood, while the rest of the gang take on jobs in wardrobe, props, sound & lighting. Tasked with sourcing costumes for the production, Adie and Delilah head to an open-house sale at a derelict home, there, they find a room full of magnificent vintage clothes perfect for the school play. After sifting through the old treasures the girls leave with bags full of clothes and accessories, alas little do they know that one of caps is enchanted and has a yearning for mischief! 

The Fairytale Trap is a marvel, in just 90 pages Erika manages to tell an all encompassing story that feels reminiscent of classic Enid Blyton tales like The Enchanted Shoes and The Magic Walking Stick, where normal, inanimate objects are imbibed with mischievous personalities! Newcomers to Erika's work and avid followers of the series are sure to be charmed by The Fairytale Trap. 

For more information on World Book Day Ireland click here. To find out more about Erika McGann and her magical book series, read our review of The Watching Wood. The Fairytale Trap is best suited to ages 8+ and is available in all participating World Book Day stores now! 

Thank you to the O'Brien Press for sending us this book to review. 

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