Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Children's Book Review: Milo And The Pirate Sisters by Mary Arrigan

The third book of 'The Milo Adventures', Milo and The Pirate Sisters by Mary Arrigan follows two best friends with a nose for finding trouble! 

The book blurb reads:
When ghostly Mr Lewis has to leave his cosy home in the castle, Milo and Shane help set him up in a local ruined mill. Little do they know the danger this puts him in, and the trouble it will cause for themselves –and this time Mr Lewis can’t help them.

This story follows the adventures of two young boys, Milo and Shane, and their supernatural friend, ghostly Mr Lewis who finds himself looking for a new home. After a quick search, they all agree that the old mill appears to be an ideal home for Mr Lewis ....but the boys quickly learn that there are secrets and dangers hidden behind it's locked doors! 

Mr Lewis needs Milo's and Shane's help after he gets in a spot of bother with two pirate sisters, but Milo and Shane have problems of their own as two mean boys from sixth class, Wedge and Crunch, continue to torment them. Can Milo and Shane help Mr Lewis while managing to avoid the clutches of their tormentors who seem to lurk around every corner?

Milo and Shane make for very relatable protagonists as they are just two normal boys trying to do the right thing - but not necessarily feeling brave about it! For us, the real hero of this story is the friendship and loyalty displayed between the two boys who are truly there for each other no matter what wacky situation they find themselves in. 

We enjoyed reading this book and we're definitely looking forward to the next installment, this is a series that could run and run. These are great books for young readers, with easy to follow language, engaging storylines and believable protagonists. It's also a brilliant book to get young boys into reading, as Milo and Shane are characters that most will relate to and understand. Like many boys, Milo and Shane seem to have a knack for finding trouble - even when they're not looking for it! 

Milo And The Pirate Sisters is best suited for young readers aged seven and up and is available for purchase now. It is published by The O'Brien Press and you can read more about the full series on their website hereAlso check out Mary Arrigan's previous installments, Milo and One Dead Angry Druid and Milo and The Raging Chieftains.   

Thank you to the O'Brien Press for sending us this book to review :-)

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