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Book Review: A Crack in Everything by Ruth Frances Long

A Crack in Everything by Ruth Frances Long is a captivating, exciting foray into 'the other'. 

The book blurb reads: 
She was a mistake. A crack in the order of the world … When Izzy Gregory takes a wrong turn down a Dublin alley she stumbles into a shadowy, frightening world where magical beings, angels and demons hold sway. In this place where everything is strange, Izzy finds herself surrounded by danger, chased and threatened. Her only chance of survival lies with Jinx, who’s been sent to capture her. Jinx has known nothing but duty and cruelty from his own kind; Izzy is something altogether new to him – and to his world … Falling in love was never in the plan, but it might be the one thing that can save them.

This book tells the story of Izzy, a seemingly normal girl living in Dublin, who one day spies a beautiful graffiti angel in an alleyway that turns her whole life upside down. 

Unknown to the inhabitants of Dublin, there is a second city that occupies the same space, unseen and unnoticed. This is the city of Dubh Linn, dwelled in by the magical creatures of myth and legend. Izzy, enthralled by the graffiti angel, unwittingly stumbles into this world and in doing so sets in motion a series of events that change her life, and the lives of those around her. 

In the book there are four Worlds, heaven where angels live, hell where demons live, earth as inhabited by humans, and earth as inhabited by fairies or the fae. By stumbling into the fae realms, Izzy brings herself to the notice of angels, demons and fairies alike, because Izzy is far more unique than she ever knew. 

We really enjoyed this book, the author marries together life as we know it - with life as we know know it through legend and myth. By incorporating old Irish folklore, even the 'other' Worlds seem logical, or familiar, as if we've heard of them before. 

Another exciting aspect was the fact that nothing is black and white in this book, good and evil, angels and demons - it's all relative and the reader may be surprised by the answers. Often in these books, the protagonist is whisked away into the other World, with friends and family being ignored for the rest of the story. This doesn't happen in this book, as Izzy's friends and family play central roles throughout the story which we appreciated. 

The main character Izzy, is gutsy and likable, whilst her fae sidekick Jinx, is a captivating but unpredictable tortured soul. This book turns the tables a little on the classic YA, fantasy-romance formula as Izzy is a strong female character, and certainly doesn't need Jinx to fix her, if anything, it's the other way around. 
Image Credit: Peter Visontay - purchase here.
If you have read and enjoyed Fallen by Lauren Kate, Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor or The Alchemyst by Michael Scott then this book should be added to your shelves immediately! 

A Crack in Everything is best suited for ages 12+ and is available for purchase now. It is published by The O'Brien Press and it can be purchased from Easons for €7.99.

Thank you to the O'Brien Press for sending us this book to review :-)

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