Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Children's Book Review: Rebecca is Always Right by Anna Carey

The fourth book in the series, Rebecca is Always Right follows the daily life and tribulations of teen Rebecca Rafferty who always things she's right, well, mostly. 

The book blurb reads:

Rebecca isn't looking forward to school after a summer full of music and excitement. Throw in a dad who is trying to take over his amateur musical, a mum who keeps reminding her that it's a big exam year, and an English teacher who has decided to become a novelist, and it's another eventful term for Rebecca.

Written in the form of a diary, the book opens with Rebecca divulging all of the details of her exciting summer as a member of rock band 'Hey Dollface'. From the offset Rebecca makes it very clear that she is not relishing the prospect of going back to school to face her Junior Cert year where she will also have to endure the boasting of annoyingly successful classmate Vanessa. 

We really enjoyed this funny book and loved Rebecca's emotional angst as she dissected and analysed her daily life with her family and friends with humour, drama and honesty. Rebecca's frank analysis of her embarrassing, musical loving parents, her 'head over heels' love struck sister Rachel and her bands difficultly in finding a venue where they can practice, engaged us from the first page. 
Rebecca is a voice that preteens and young teenagers will relate to, especially when it comes to her musings around her 'friend' Sam! Rebecca met Sam during a school musical and despite the fact that he is a 'friend' Rebecca spends an innate amount of time dissecting each and every interaction she has with him. 

We love this story because it effortlessly captures the universal pressures, worries and insecurities that are an inevitable part of teenage life. Rebecca's easy conversationalist diary entries detail day-to-day interactions with her family, teacher, friends and classmates in an endearingly upfront and entertaining manner. 

Without a doubt, young girls will 'get' Rebecca.

Rebecca is Always Right is best suited for girls aged ten and up and is available for purchase now. It is published by The O'Brien Press and you can read more about the full series on their website here. Also check out Anna Carey's previous installments, The Real Rebecca. Rebecca Rules and Rebecca Rocks.    

Thank you to the O'Brien Press for sending us this book to review :-)

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