Saturday, 26 July 2014

Children's books coming this August from The O'Brien Press

Here's a preview of three new Irish children's books hitting bookshelves this August.

1. Finding A Voice - by Kim Hood
Jo could never have guessed that the friendship she so desperately craves would come in the shape of a severely disabled boy. He can’t even speak. Maybe it is because he can’t speak that she finds herself telling him how difficult it is living with her eccentric, mentally fragile mother.

Behind Chris’ lopsided grin and gigantic blue wheelchair is a real person — with a sense of humour, a tremendous stubborn streak and a secret he has kept from everyone.

For a while it seems life may actually get better. But as Jo finds out just how terrible life is for Chris, and as her own life spirals out of control, she becomes desperate to change things for both of them. In a dramatic turn of events, Jo makes a decision that could end in tragedy.

This is the story of how an unusual friendship unlocks the words that neither knew they had.

Price: €7.99

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2. Brian And The Vikings - written by Chris Judge, artwork by Mark Wickham

Brian is the smallest boy in the village. But he's also the smartest.

When the dangerous Vikings arrive its up to Brian to save the day with the help of his friends and his cleverest invention yet.

The first adventure of Brian Boru, the boy who would grow up to become High King of Ireland.

Price: €7.99

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3. Viva Alice! Written by Judi Curtin, Illustrated by Woody Fox and Cover Design and Artwork by Nicola Colton
A new Alice and Megan story!

Alice and Megan are back together again! When they are together, they can handle anything!

Grace invites Alice and Megan to spend Easter in her house in Lanzarote. The girls are accidentally left home-alone for two days in the house. It’s fun at first, until they become trapped on an upstairs balcony and spend a long cold night and day waiting to be rescued!

Meanwhile Melissa is still unhappy at boarding school. Alice wants to help her to get back to their school, but Megan sees this as a betrayal. Tension mounts between the two girls, until Megan gives in and agrees to help. In the end, Melissa comes back, and Megan realises that she is confident enough to stand up to her.

Price: €7.99

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