Sunday, 4 May 2014

5 Crafty Ways To Reuse Old Books

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe....she had so many children books she didn't know what to do....

If you are that old woman - fear not! We have scoured the internet to find a collection of the very best DIY crafts to help you re-purpose your treasured books. 

1. Up-style a birdhouse using old children's books
Lifestyle expert Danny Seo came up with this idea for decorating a plain bird house. A plain wooden birdhouse like this could be bought in most garden/lifestyle/eurosaver stores. Then up-style it by glueing pages from a colourful old children's book to the outside and attaching the book cover to roof. Et Voila! You have a bespoke, whimsical piece of decor. 

To find out more watch the video here or read Danny's blog here

2. Turn a pretty book into a unique clock
This craft is so simple! All you need is a hardback vintage book and a clock making kit. To transform the book into a clock you hollow out the inside of the book and drill a hole in the book cover. If I were doing this craft, I'd definitely try to use a book that is relevant to clocks - such as Alice in Wonderland. 

Find out more on 

3. Create funky wall art using book pages
I love the look of this wall art, the yellowed pages look beautiful in this context and the pink running throughout really pulls it together. This idea is from a book titled 'The Re-purposed Library' by Lisa Occhipinti which can be bought on Amazon. The book contains 33 different ideas for recycling old books, so it's a worthwhile buy if you're looking for lots of ideas and step by step instructions - but personally I'd just take inspiration from the image below and have a go at it myself! 

4. DIY Coffee Table using hardback books
I digress, this book table is actually made from cast resin and is available from but this is definitely doable as a craft for the more adventurous DIYers! Simply stack around ten sturdy, thick, hard-backed books and secure with a strong glue, or if you have some good power tools drill holes down the middle and run a rod through the stack (like a book skewer!). Then glue a circular or square piece of plastic, wood, or glass to the top to act as the table top. You could even leave the last step out, as the book stack alone would serve as a perfect perch for a lamp or plant pot. 

5. Magical floating bookshelves
Floating bookshelves are an incredibly popular and easy home craft. To make these you'll just to pick up an L shaped bracket from your local hardware store. Check out this brilliant tutorial on  

Let us know if you make any of these crafts! Do you know of any other good book DIY ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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