Saturday, 12 April 2014

Book Fueled Adventures For Your Family: #1 Little Red Riding Hood

With the Easter holidays stretching out ahead of many parents like a yawning chasms filled with "i'm bored!" and "can we go somewhere?" we've pulled together a number of ideas for family outings and corresponding books that can add to the adventure! We'll be sharing these with you over the course of the Easter holidays to keep you inspired, we've selected classic books that you are bound to already have in the house and locations that can be found almost anywhere.

#1 Visit your local forest or park
Book inspiration: Little Red Riding Hood

Bring new excitement to a trip to your local forest or park by donning a red cape and making a picnic, plus bonus points if you bring Granny! 

Most people will have a red cape left over from some Superhero, Snow White or (in my case) Mrs Claus costume but if you don't have a cape at home, improvise with a red pillowcase or sheet. 
The picnic can be as elaborate or simple as you want, but sticking to a red theme and having your children think of red foods could be a great way to get them excited! You could even go on a trip to the local supermarket to hunt for red foods the day before. Things like red apples, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, raspberry yoghurts, jam sandwiches and redcurrant juice would all fit the theme. 
Once you've reached your chosen location and found the perfect picnic spot settle down and read the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Feel free to act parts out, you'll find that being in a wooded area will really bring the story to life in their eyes! 
Depending on the size of your group you could easily allocate different parts to members of your group. The main characters that you'll need are a Little Red Riding Hood, a Granny, a Wolf and a Woodcutter. If you're shy on numbers and you have a dog - slot him in as the wolf! 

After you've read the story and enjoyed your yummy picnic, explore the park or forest to search for signs of the characters. Ideas for things that you encourage your children to look for are: 
- An eerie looking spot that might be the wolf's den
- A chimney or house in the distance where granny might live
- A tree that might have been chopped down by the woodcutter

We hope you've enjoyed our inspiration for a book themed day out  and we'd love to hear if you have any ideas for expanding on this - we're sure there are loads!  If your family has a favourite classic book that you'd like us to cover in this series - just tell us in the comments below. 

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