Monday, 24 March 2014

Just For Fun: Divergent Faction Fashion

With Divergent opening in cinemas this April 4th and Eason Book Store Dublin hosting a special Divergent Treasure Hunt around Dublin City this Saturday we've decided to put together some faction fashion inspiration! 

All of these looks are available in New Look clothes store or!

Main Personality Trait: Brave
Faction Colour: Black
Faction Style: Tough Looking

Main Personality Trait: Selfless
Faction Colour: Grey
Faction Style: Plain

Main Personality Trait: Kind/Peaceful
Faction Colour: Red/Yellow/Orange 
Faction Style: Boho

Main Personality Trait: Honest
Faction Colour: Black and White
Faction Style: Classy
Main Personality Trait: Intelligent
Faction Colour: Blue
Faction Style: Preppy
What do you think of our take on faction style and which faction would you most like to dress up as? Tell us in the comments below!

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