Saturday, 15 February 2014

Just For Fun: Game of Thrones & Harry Potter character comparisons

A Song of Ice and Fire and Harry Potter are indisputably two of the most popular book series in the World. As avid fans of both, we've been assessing the characters in each series to see if they have a 'literary twin' in the other. 

Obviously, the Song of Ice and Fire books are far, far darker than the Harry Potter books and most of the characters from Westeros and beyond would eat the Harry Potter characters for breakfast. BUT putting this aside there are some striking character resemblances that we can't wait to share with you! We would love to hear if you agree/disagree or if you can think of any others. 

**WARNING if you have not read both of these series in their entirety there are spoilers!

Draco Malfoy and Joffrey Baratheon
Both of these characters have striking blond hair and are of a similar age. Aside from that, they're both bullies and they have a tendency to sneer, berate and condescend. Born into rich, well appointed, powerful families both of these characters have a huge ego. They also share the trait of having a biddable sidekick to act on their every word. (Crabbe and Goyle, The Hound)

Neville Longbottom and Samwell Tarly
This one is part guess work but we think that Sam is on course for a Neville style story arc. Both of these characters begin their respective series as bully-bait. They both lack confidence, they're a little pathetic and they could be perceived as fools. Both have a friend that they admire, they grow and learn from their interactions with these characters, these are Harry and Jon. In the books, Sam is currently headed south to learn the skills of a maester at the Citadel, we think that after a stint at the Citadel that Sam's confidence and bravery will triumphantly emerge at a key moment, much like Nevilles. (We really hope this comes true!)

Jon Snow and Sirius Black
This one may surprise you, but let us explain before you write it off. Both of these characters are considered the 'black sheep' of their families. Jon and Sirius also have issues with misrepresentation - Jon is despised by many for the work he is doing as Lord Commander even though we, the reader, can see that he is doing an exceptional job as the leader of the Night's Watch, meanwhile Sirius was imprisoned and hated for a crime he never committed. Jon Snow is a warg who can enter the body of his large white wolf, whilst Sirius is an animagus who can turn into a large black dog. Both characters have a particular soft spot for a young, orphaned, relative whom they go out of their way to protect. And most depressingly both characters die unexpectedly and before their time, much to the anguish of readers who firmly believe that they will return. (Sirius never came back from the behind the veil, but we are adamant that Jon is not dead!)

There are many, many more character similarities in these two series and we have loved theorising about them. What other pairings stand out for you - and do you agree with our choices? 

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