Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Just For Fun: Etsy For Book Lovers

Etsy is a treasure trove of crafty delights, but sometimes all of the wonderfulness can be a little overwhelming! When there are so many exquisite, unusual things in one place how do you choose just one? We've done the hard work for you and pulled together a list of our favourite things on Etsy that are inspired by books. 

Enjoy! (And try suppress the urge to buy them all!)

1. Harry Potter Inspired Ring
You could own this adorable gold ring for just €8.33 (plus €2.99 for postage) 

2. Harry Potter Acceptance Letter
Anyone who says that they wouldn't love to receive this must have hidden part of their soul in a horcrux! You can surprise someone with this for €24.63 (plus €5.22 postage) This gorgeous set comes with the acceptance letter and your own unique hand made wand. 

3. Lord Of The Rings Cushion Cover
Bring a little bit of the Middle Earth into your home with this tasteful cushion cover. This cushion cover costs €24.94 (plus €3.12 postage)

4. Game Of Thrones Bow Tie
We love this quirky bow tie, it references House Stark without being overtly obvious. This could be yours for €7.46 (plus €5.97 postage)

5. Vintage Stamped Alice In Wonderland Spoon
This spoon would definitely make us smile every time we made a cup of tea of coffee. Price €14.93 (plus €6.63 postage)

6. Peter Pan Necklace
This necklace is so dainty and sweet. It captures the magic and childhood whims of the Peter Pan story in such an elegant way. This necklace costs €13.43 (plus €2.09 postage)

7. Peter Rabbit Baby Shoes
These pretty baby shoes are so special. Often baby presents are difficult because new parents already have everything, but with these dainty shoes you're guaranteed to be gifting something unique! These shoes could be yours for €18.66 (plus €6.72 postage)

8. Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket
If you know a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fanatic - this is the gift for them. This perfect replica chocolate bar and golden ticket would make a great Easter gift! This costs €13.43 (plus €4.48 postage)

For more information on any of the above, just click the picture to be brought to its Etsy page. All postage costs quoted above are based on postage to Ireland. 

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