Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Just For Fun: Divergent Themed Party Ideas

The film Divergent opened in Irish cinemas April 2014, based on the first book from the famous trilogy by Veronica Roth we're thrilled to see this series hitting the big screen!

In honour of the film release we've put together some inspiration for a Divergent themed party. 


Assign all of your guests to a faction and ask them to dress in the style of that faction:
Candor: Black and white clothes, suits, sharp clean looking hairstyles. 
Erudite: At least one item of blue clothes, hipster style glasses. 
Amity: Red and green clothes, hippy style accessories, head scarfs. 
Abnegation:Grey modest clothes, sensible hair (buns or plaits), no accessories. 
Dauntless: Black clothes, leather, biker boots, vibrant hair colour, piercings, tattoos. 
Image from bookriot.com

Serve up faction inspired goodies for your guests!
Candor: Ice cream
Erudite: Fizzy Drinks
Amity: Apple Pie, Bread
Abnegation:Crackers and Cheese
Dauntless: Chocolate Cake, Hamburgers

Adapt these well known party games to fit the Divergent theme!

Abnegation style pass the parcel
Everyone knows how to play this game - but we suggest adding a twist - whoever the music stops on must choose somebody else to receive the prizes/sweets in that layer. How selfless!

Dauntless & Candor style truth or dare
When put to the test this game will discover whether you're truly a fearless daring dauntless or straight up honest candor. 

Divergent style wink murder
Have all your guests sit in a circle, put folded paper in a bowl and have everyone pick one and look at it in secret. One of the piecew of paper will have 'Jeanine Mathews' written on it, one will have 'Divergent' written on it, and the rest will be blank. All of the people with blank paper and the Divergent must sit in a circle, nobody should know who the divergent is. 

Jeanine Mathews should then stand in the middle of the circle - now the game begins! The Divergent must slowly start killing off the other faction members by winking at them, without Jeanine Mathews figuring out who the Divergent is. If the Divergent manages to kill everyone before they are found out then they win, however if Jeanine manages to guess who is the Divergent in the group then she wins. (A limit to the number of guesses Jeanine can make must be decided based on the number of players)

Who Am I? 
Put the name of a character from the Divergent series on each player head. Players must take turns asking questions that can be answered with yes/no by the other players to determine who they are. Alter the game depending on how knowledgeable the player are.
Easy name ideas: Tris, Four, Caleb, Christina, Peter, Jeanine
Hard name ideas: Nita, Johanna, Cara, Evelyn, Amar

We hope you enjoy your Divergent party! And if you have any other ideas, post them in the comment section below.