Saturday, 8 February 2014

Author Spotlight: Juliet Marillier

Juliet Marillier is an author that we adore. If like us, you too are an old fashioned romantic with a lust for magic and adventure - you will love this author. 
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Despite being born in New Zealand and living in Australia, Juliet's books tend to be set in ancient Ireland due to her own fascination with Celtic mythology. Juliet's signature story telling formula usually includes a strong leading lady, a dose of the uncanny, a personal journey and an ultimately satisfying love arc. But don't be fooled these books aren't all sweetness and light, Juliet doesn't shy away from turmoil and heartache for her characters - these books are less Disney fairy tale and more brothers Grimm. Her Sevenwaters Trilogy even took inspiration from The Six Swans written by the infamous brothers. 
If you're looking to trial this author, try her stand alone book Heart's Blood and if that ticks your boxes move onto her trilogy The Bridei Chronicles. 
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"His thoughts inhabit a different plane from those of ordinary men; the simplest interpretation of that is to call him crazy." The Dark Mirror

"You know not, yet, the sort of love that strikes like a lightning bolt; that clutches hold of you by the heart, as irrevocably as death; that becomes the lodestar by which you steer the rest of your life. I would not wish such a love on anyone, man or woman, for it can make your life a paradise, or it can destroy you utterly." Daughter of the Forest

"Come dear heart. Lean on me and let us walk this path together." Son of the Shadows

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Have you read any of Juliet's books? Do you plan on trying them? Let us know in the comments below!

You can purchase Juliet's full rang from our very own Easons. 

Find our more about Juliet Marillier on her website. 

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